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What is the service that UniqOrn Home Tuitions provide ? + -

UniqOrn Home Tuitions provides home tutors, where we help parents or students to find their home tutor. Concurrently, we help the tutors to find tuition jobs with us. We are also providing group tuitions for 9th grade and onwards.

In using a tutor provided to you by UniqOrn Home Tuitions you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

  1. Parent will not try to influence and contact tutors personally.
  2. Parent should furnish required details of the student ,if asked.For example, his/her performance at school, ability to learn, previous grades etc.
  3. Fees must be paid either by cheque or cash in advance .
  4. At least forty-eight hours (48 hrs) notification of cancellation of a lesson is required, otherwise the lesson will be deemed to have taken place and you may be charged in full.
  5. Due to legal reasons an adult must be present in the dwelling for the entire duration of the tuition. That is when tutoring a minor (below 18 ).

Tuition location will essentially be the students house.The timings of the class is decided and scheduled as per the convenience of the student and the teacher/tutor.

One-on-one student-teacher assistance is provided by the consultancy. However, in case of group tuitions, students would be 3 or more.

You can fill a simple contact form available on our website.

Firstly, we will call to confirm your request within 2-3 working days. Then, a suitable tutor will be short-listed within another 5-7 working days. In other words, you can have a suitable tutor within 15 working days.

If you have any serious concerns regarding any of the tutors, then please email/ call us straight away. If you are simply not happy with the tutor due to his/ her style of tutoring, then you can request for a change of tutor.Replacement will be provided within 7-14 days.

Replacement class can be made with prior notice and discussion with the tuition teacher. Tuition Fees will not be charged for the missing class.

Experienced educators, lecturers, professional tutors, scholarship holders, high achievers and top scorers. The tutors are short-listed from the thousands applications we receive each month. You can request from us for a detailed tutor profile of the tutor before the 1st lesson.

We have an abundance of qualified school teachers, both male and female, from various academic backgrounds, but we also recruit experienced graduates.

The fees is categorized and fixed for various levels/grades of the student. However Fees may vary depending on other parameters including but not limited to mode of travel to students place, commuting charges etc.

The timetable can be flexible as per your requirements and is negotiable with the tutor.

You may send us an email at or call us on 9619 701 802 / 9619 701 772.