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Home Tuitions Mumbai : 4 Essential tips for Teachers & Home Tutors to make learning easier for Slower Students

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Home Tuitions Mumbai – Ways to help slow learning students struggling in class

Uniqorn Home Tuitions Mumbai, is founded on a basic philosophy that just like our five fingers vary in terms on various physics aspects, in the same way every student is different & unique based on learning capability & grasping power.

And that is why we encourage our home tutors to adopt different teaching skills & methods to help such students sitting at different levels. While bright students find it easier to mould themselves according to different learning environments & thrive, it’s difficult for slow learners to replicate the same results.

Hence, it’s important that during individual private tuitions sessions, teachers should keep in mind some basic but essential methods to help slow learners feel the learning task less daunting & more friendly.


Let’s get started.

  • Assignments handling: It’s important that students get home-works & tuition assignments however over-burdening them with home projects & homework will only make them less attracted to studies.Students has to handle school home-work, sit for their regular home tuition session & play. That is already lot of work! Giving them some room to do self-study is very important


  • Home Tuition Tricks: During private tuition test, try to give them some extra-time to complete their tests. Also, make ample use of graphs, images, drawings to help stimulate visual & auditory senses that can improve the grasping power. Home Tutors & private tutors should also encourage slow learning students to ask & answer questions during their session


  • Examinations & Test: Make short test papers since having too lengthy test papers sometimes intimidate sow learning students. Also, taking verbal test & examinations will also help them build confidence. Do not be anguished & maintain calm if the test is incomplete & help them complete the remaining part of the test


  • Encouragement: Help slow learning students by encouraging them to aim at par with other student counterparts. Color code topics & assignments of higher importance. Keeping in mind their ability, treat them as a normal student.

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