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Private Tutors / Home Tutors for Home Tuition in Mumbai: Advantages

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While schools in Mumbai are doing a very good job with the students, it is not surprising that many students need further one-on-one guidance for better understanding of topics in various subjects like in Languages English, English literature, Sanskrit, Hindi,Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics. For many students private tuition at home is definitely helping them excel in these subjects. Parents are quickly understanding the power of individual attention as every child is unique & therefore understand things differently and at a different pace.
We have listed some very elementary yet crucial advantages of having private tuition at home. These advantages are not restricted to any particular class like primary,secondary, college or to any particular board like CBSE board, ICSE board, IGCSE board, IB board, SSC, ISC board or State board but is relevant to any students of all age & streams.

1. So, schools doesn’t cater to needs of every child and is it compulsory to hire home tutors & private teachers? Lets understand this with an example. In a class of 40 students, a teacher can’t be expected to teach according to the need of each one of them. Teacher can only follow a single method of teaching within the stipulated time given to her. So, it’s obvious that every child doesn’t get individual attention.”


2. Home tuition also help parents discover child’s strength and evaluate weaknesses. For many kids regular schooling does not work very well . For such students, additional motivation and guidance along with balanced home work & assignments help them to cope with the difficulties faced in group tuition or in school.


3. Another advantage of home tuition is that parents do not have to be run behind their children for studies. Although their presence is important, parents can concentrate on other priorities while the home tutors takes care of the studies and is responsible for the academic performance of the student


4. When private tutors become friend and a facilitator, the student feels less reserved and opens up to the tutor. This helps in positive development of the child.



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