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Private Tuitions in Mumbai – How to keep Students interested in studies?

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Private tuitions in Mumbai – Keep students interested in learning

We are experiencing growing trend of private tuitions in Mumbai

However, researches have constantly pointed out that the attention span of students is continually on decline given the distractions of modern day technologies readily available at the students disposal, especially in metropolitans and cities like Mumbai etc. That is why during private tuitions in mumbai, making the class interactive can help fight the students boredom and imbibe interest in subject..
So how do teachers & home tutors delivering one on one home tuitions  and are required to spend anywhere between 1-2 hours with just one student in Tuition session,  keep the students interested?
Let’s look at some of the ways to make your sessions interesting and get more out of your session-
1. Visual Learning : Use pictures, images available online to keep learning interesting. Using colorful markers to highlight or underline important points provides visual stimulus to brain
2. Make learning two-way: Teaching need not be one- way flow of information from tutor to student. Make student involved in the process by encouraging him/her to put forward there ideas and understanding. This will keep both student & teacher involved and will help break routine
3. Kinesthetic : Use physical objects to describe a situation or a concept and use body/hand gestures whenever possible . Writing or drawing are also counted in kinesthetic learning
4. Mathematical Logic : Mathematics is one of those few subjects where student is either excited or unmotivated to learn the subject. To help students struggling with Mathematics, try to first focus on logic of the content or the  problem. Systematic thinking & step by step approach to maths is the best possible way.
5 . VAK (Visual,  Auditory, Kinesthetic) learning: Using combination of visual, auditory (sounds, rhymes) & kinesthetics will help in boosting the memory power of the student as there is no one method that will fit to all student in private tuitions in Mumbai. Tutors can combine these methods in different proportion and see which combination works best for the student.
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