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Top Five Hacks to prepare for School or Home Tuition Test Exams

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School test are important no matter how big are small they are as it help lay foundation of upcoming exams & aids students, school teachers, private tutors & parents to gauge the current proficiency level of the student.
Even test given by students in guidance of their parents or home tutors are significant for the same purpose.
Today, we would like to share some tips that makes prepartion for test no matter which subject you are preparing for whether it’s Languages (English, English literature, Hindi,) or  Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry). 

1. Test Exam Format:

Ask you teacher or home tutor about the format of the question paper. This will give an of marks weightage distribution and exam style (multiple choice questions, subjective /objective questions)

2. Know the Content:

Always know the content before start preparing (i.e number of topics and chapter). Then try to link the chapters with marks weightage given to the chapter

3. Gather All Notes:

Start to gather all notes including hand written  notes, printed notes , reference books etc. Copy down all topics on a single page

4. Study Style:

Once you have all the notes.Start studying.Studying style may differ from student to student. Some students like to read out loud and some do it quiet. Review regularly and explain it to yourself. Use analogies and abbreviations

5. Review & Revise

Always take time to review & revise atleast 4 times. With every revision session time duration is supposed to go down.
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