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Advantages for International Boards IGCSE, IB & ISC board in Mumbai

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The reasons for choosing international boards like IGCSE board, IB board & ISC board over ICSE board, Maharashtra board (SSC/HSC) & CBSE board are simple. Syllabus not at par with parents expectation and or students skill levels. Whatever the reason may be , if you believe that a child would thrive in their favorite subject be it English, Mathematics, Science or Social studies so go for such international boards and watch the growth in the child’s performance.
Some advantages of international are:
1.     Boards like IB has no particular prescribed textbooks allowing students to explore.
2.     International boards focus on balanced development of every aspect of student rather than just academic
3.     Understanding of applied knowledge is more important that theoretical.
4.     International boards like IB & IGCSE  has acclamation worldwide
5.     Choice of students who want to pursue further education abroad
6.     Subjects are divided in core & extended. Core subjects to suit all type of students and extended for students interested in             certain subjects
7.     Subjects offered:

     There are five Subject Groups in IGCSE with several subjects to choose from, in each group:

  • Group 1:  Languages (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc)
  • Group 2:  Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography, English Literature, History, etc)
  • Group 3:  Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc)
  • Group 4:  Mathematics (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc)
  • Group 5:  Creative, Technical & Vocational (Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Music, etc).
Given the advantages, students still face difficulties in various concepts and school may not be entirely able to help them. In such cases having a specialist from these boards like home tutors or private tutor for IGCSE home tuition in Mumbai or for IB home tuition in Mumbai will certainly help boost confidence. Many professionals employed with home tuition bureau in Mumbai can help zero-in on good tutors. Such home tuition consultancy can help for maths home tuition, science home tuition, English home tuition etc.

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