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Home Tuition Jobs in Mumbai – How to get Hired as Home Tutor!

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Tips for Finding Home Tuition Jobs in Mumbai!

Finding Home Tuition Jobs in Mumbai can be quite tricky at times-Let us help ease some of the pressure .

Being in education industry we know how difficult it can be to get home tuition jobs in Mumbai. Are you a home tutor, private tutor who is looking for full-time teaching jobs in Mumbai? Or are you a student/professional looking for some side income by giving private tuitions at student’s home during your free time like Saturdays and Sundays? If that’s the case, whether you are looking for part-time tuition teaching assignments or full-fledged career in teaching; there are certain things you must know before you dive-in.


  • Teaching is not for everybody: You heard it right. Teaching is not for everyone and its not by any chance an easy profession. You may have been good at your academia but taking the responsibility of other students is a different ball game altogether. We are not saying teaching is a rocket science, but it definitely is an art.
  • Patience is not a virtue for home tutors: Teaching requires lot of patience and tolerance. You may be easily tempted to abandon the teaching road midway just because you no more have the patience to handle that student who doesn’t arrives on time during you home tuition session or doesn’t complete the home-work you gave him weeks back. Due to increasing competition in Education arena and abundance of home tutors in Mumbai, parents and students will not think twice to replace an existing home tutor with a new one, not because they thought that you were incompetent but because they thought you lose your patience easily.
  • Teaching is noble but don’t expect appreciation everyday: Teaching is heroic as you are building and nurturing next generation of this country. But if you expect that you will be appreciated everyday on your job, well, think again! You may soon experience that teaching your private tuition student is just reduced to transactional activity where neither student nor the parent understand importance of the work you are doing. This may further discourage you from being passionate in teaching during your sessions. But this will just make situation worse. Continue to teach with passion as the next teacher may be more knowledgeable than you but if you display passion for your work, parents and students will always prefer you.

Ok. So now that you know what it takes for be a home tutor, lets find out how to get home tuitions jobs in Mumbai

Here are some of the tips to easily find home tutors jobs in Mumbai-

  1. References: Reference are so important for home tutors since parents prefer someone they can trust. This becomes easy if your previous students or their parents refer you.  This helps other parents to have trust on you since they now know your nature, style of teaching and track record with previous students.
  2. Keep your profiles updated: If you have registered on tutoring websites meant for getting jobs for home tutors, make sure your profile is regularly updated. Parent and students like to know what the home tutor has been upto for past few months so that they know you are constantly involved and have not left the arena 🙂
  3. Give Demo lectures: When you receive call from parents and students for private home tuitions, proactively offer demo sessions. Ask about their expectations and give them a short summary of your teaching background. This will help break ice and start things on a good note.

Use the above tips to help you find a home tuition job. You can even register as home tutor on to find home tuition jobs in Mumbai. To know about our latest job vacancy in Mumbai like our social pages-Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+

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